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Vehicle Wrap FAQs

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please feel free to call or email us. Someone at United Wrap & Graphic Solutions will be happy to help you.

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What is a vehicle Wrap?

Vehicle wrapping is the most efficient way to promote and advertise your business, cause, event, or simply give your vehicle new life. It is literally a great self adhesive applied to the exterior of your vehicle. At United Wrap & Graphic Solutions we turn your vehicle into a work of art and show you a very close simulation of the final wrapping result.

How much does it cost to wrap a vehicle?

Wrapper prices are generally marketed at a price per square foot. Fully wrapping a vehicle can range from $ 2,000 to $ 3,500. Much less than they would charge you for a few months of advertising on a signage. Invest in a wrap once and it pays off over three years or more. Click to request a free exact estimate of your vehicle. In this industry you definitely pay for the quality of the service, the design and the material. We invite you to come to our service center to learn about the innovative services that we have prepared for your vehicle.

What else can you Wrap?

At United Wrap & Graphic Solutions we wrap cars, trucks, boats, helmets, 18 wheelers, car transporters, race cars, concept cars, tour buses, trailers, cargo vans, box trucks, SUVs, shipping containers, walls, windows, storefronts, golf, carts, vending machines, even buildings! Tell us what you need and we will wrap it up. If you have something that needs to be wrapped and we have never wrapped it, we will be happy to have the opportunity to innovate new wrapping styles.

Why should I get a vehicle wrap instead of cut vinyl or paint?

Vehicle wrapping provides the perfect advertisement for your business and brings your corporate image to life with striking graphics. In the car wrap service, the colors and creativity are endless. We supply cut vinyl; however, a full vehicle wrap lasts longer than cut vinyl and also protects your paint from strong UV rays. Often times when removing cut vinyl, the lines are visible on the vehicle as the paint fades. It is therefore recommended to fully label the vehicle because it is more practical and can be changed if the corporate image of your company changes. It can also be easily removed if you decide to give your vehicle other uses.

How long do vehicle wraps last?

Depending on the care of the vehicle and the environments it is exposed to, a wrap will last approximately 3 years. We use the best 3M brand materials; Its manufacturer ensures a 5-year durability of its laminated film on vertical surfaces. Our recommendation is that you rewrap your vehicle in 3 years. It is recommended to manually wash the vehicle regularly to extend the life of the wrap. The use of some pressure washers and automatic washing services is not recommended as they may damage or discolor the surface of the wrap.

We are 3M certified installers

3M certifies us as one of their preferred graphics installers in Houston. The 3M certification process includes a rigorous written and practical test that involves applying graphics to surfaces such as floors, walls, textured walls, trailers, and trucks / cars, so you can trust a graphics installation company like United Wrap & Graphic Solutions. Certified by 3M to deliver the wrap you are dreaming of.

Leave your car wrap to the professionals.
Wrapping a vehicle is a delicate and intricate process, and making a mistake can ruin the entire installation. A professional graphics installer can help you avoid bubbled, bumpy, or curled films and an uneven appearance. As 3M Preferred Installers we offer additional recommendations to help you customize your vehicle.

United Wrap & Graphic Solutions is a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer

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